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In Arabic, the word Umm refers to the mother of some one or some thing. When a Muslim woman bears a child, she often takes on a kind of nickname that begins with Umm and ends with the name of her first-born.

I am Umm Layth. And when I began this effort, I was a new, first-time mom who didn't have a clue. Like many first-time moms, my fears of inadequacy as a parent led me to investigate and over analyze just about every parenting related topic I came across. Over the years, and multiple children later, I eventually found my rhythm as a parent thanks to a whole lot of dua and the kind, simple guidance from trusted sisters to hold firm to the Qur'an and the Sunnah and to always put my trust in Allah.

Knowing that I couldn't be the only Muslim mom in the world struggling with how to best raise and care for a family, I began sharing the advices, experiences, and evidences that I collected in the hopes that they could help other Muslim mothers the way they helped me. This blog is that collection. This is the World of Umm.

World of Umm Staff

Umm Layth is a Latino-American Muslim mother of three, currently living in the USA.

Umm 'Eesa is a British-Pakistani Muslim mother of two, currently living in the USA.

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